Camera Stops Press is owned and operated by Harvey Stearn. Mr. Stearn has been taking and printing photographs for over 60 years. His images are widely distributed and collected. There are two aspects of Mr. Stearn's body of work which are often expressed by judges, critics and viewers: First, many of his images look like paintings. Second, his work is unusual because it spans a wide variety of subjects while still maintaining a high level of artistic and technical excellence, whereas most art photographers specialize in one or two subject categories.

After retiring from management of large scale development projects Mr. Stearn devoted most of his time to his art and to sharing his skills and klnowledge with others. Mr. Stearn has been associated with the arts for most of his life. He served as Chairman of the California Arts Council during the mid-1980's and as a member of the Sate Grants Panel for the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) during that same period. He also served on boards for a wide number of arts organizations.

Since retiring from business he has taught digital photography for ten years and enjoys interacting with both professional photographers and enthusiasts.  He welcomes questions and comments, and plans to add a blog page to this websute in the near future. Please let us hear from you.